The MOMS and Jada Pinkett Smith

The MOMS hosted Jada Pinkett Smith and her mom, Adrienne Norris for an event at a private residence in New York City for the launch of the 2nd season of Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch.

The MOMS also introduced Jada to The MOMS Marketplace filled with mom business owners and mom entrepreneurs. Nothing was off-limits with The Moms and an audience of over 100 Mom influencers. Her number one piece of advice to all Moms is “let your kids be who they are” Women in business are important, there need to be more conversations about working Moms doing what they can to start their own businesses or thrive in the corporate world whilst bringing up a family. That is why when moms are pushing themselves to do everything they can, they need some inspiration, whether that be checking out some Stay at home mom quotes or getting business and financial advice from other working moms. Supporting each other is a must, so when Jada and Adrienne came to speak to us all, it was evident they had worked hard to get to where they are now whilst being full-time moms.

Jada spent time with each of the entrepreneurs in the The MOMS Marketplace to learn about their companies and the stories behind them, including a new fitness app, Gixo, founded by Selina Tobaccowala – the founder of, a customizable handbag company, Goldno.8 , a T-shirt you can design called Chalk of The Town and a makeup Line by Khuraira Musa , and NY Cakepops, a dessert company started by a Mexican immigrant now sold over the country including in Yankee Stadium.