The MOMS on Pix11 "How To Give Parenting Advice To New Mothers"

When you become a new parent, everyone wants to give you advice and while it is usually given with the best of intentions, a recent poll shows that more than half of mothers say they received too much of it, leaving them feeling overwhelmed. For one in five mothers, the study says it left them feeling unprepared.

Did you receive too much parenting advice? Was it overwhelming? Tommee Tippee conducted a survey and found that many moms are overwhelmed. We would love you
to join the conversation #ParentOn or go to

And also check out these fun wipes they created to wipe it all away!!! 

And check out what advice Denise listened to and what she didn’t! And another mom shares her story too! Denise Albert and Lourdes Ramon, mother of two and president of “Kids Candor,” talk about their experiences with friends and family members dishing out too much advice.


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