The MOMS' Ways of Eating Clean for the Whole Family

One great way to keep your kids eating healthy is to encourage their involvement in the meal making process,check out some of the fun ways The MOMS get their kids involved in the kitchen on Pix11 by clicking here!


But wait, there’s more!

Foodstirs is a fun, food crafting project that’s delivered right to your door! It allows your children to become comfortable and creative in the kitchen while teaching them basic cooking skills! You can click on the link or go to for more information!

Special thanks to Target & Archer FarmsMaia YogurtGeneral Mills & Protein Cheerios, Nature Box Snacks, Thomas Bagels, El Paso Tacos, Newman’s Own Sauce, Tribe Hummus & Pillsbury Pizza Dough for providing us with quick, clean and healthy foods for our families to enjoy!



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