Tiffani Thiessen’s motto is just a few key words

Have you ever met someone and they are the complete opposite of what you expect them to be? Ok, we know it’s not fair to have an expectation of someone because of a character they play, but actress Tiffani Thiessen has played her bitchy, mean girl characters so well, that we expected her to have a little of that in real life.

We have never been so wrong. We could have chatted as moms in a play group for hours. She really is just like the rest of us. Rushing to breast feed her 7-month-old daughter before our interview, and nervous she was late to meet us. Concerned about working and child care…luckily her mom travels with her for now and is the most trusted sitter she is lucky to have. So while we chatted for our interview, which airs tonight on Moms And The City and A Dad Named David, little Harper was just upstairs resting with Grandma. Just like the rest of us, she gets through each day with a few words in the back of her head. TIffani is currently starring in White Collar on USA Network and recently launched Petit Nest, a baby furniture line. Here’s her mom motto.