Tis The Season for Target, Technology and Toys!

What’s better than Target and technology combined? Perhaps Target’s Top 20 Toys and thankfully this season we can actually have it all wrapped up in time for the big day.

We were delighted to host Target’s Top Holiday Toy Playdate at The Target Studio on the Monday before Thanksgiving to showcase their Top 20 toys. We had the opportunity to mingle with moms and media (one of our favorite pastimes) chatting about the Target shopping tools and tips that make busy working moms’ lives just a tad easier this shopping season. It can be hard for some moms’ to find the right gift for their kids, so things like this can help a great deal, they also have the option to check out websites similar to https://serp.co/best/simple-dimple-fidget-toys/ to find something that they may specifically need, or they can pop into their local stores. There is much to choose from to help the shopping experience.

For Denise, it’s all about technology. There’s nothing better than the digital wish list. All year, Denise can hear herself repeating to her kids, “put it on your Christmas list”. But if you’re a busy parent, that list never gets done, or it gets lost, or it winds up as numerous emails clogging your inbox. So now, with Target’s digital wish list, that list will be saved and emailed out to the grandparents so everyone can easily see what the kids want.

For Melissa, shopping with three children is never easy. One option for her might be to head to a site like Noveltystreet.com for some funny gag gifts that will make perfect stocking fillers, but there are many options available now for those with a little more tech knowledge. Melissa just downloaded her Target app and will be scanning QR codes throughout the store. And since her nieces and parents are in St. Louis, she is going to have the gifts shipped directly to them! That will not only save time but it’ll be convenient too. For this non-techie mom, it was truly eye-opening how easy and non-stressful the shopping experience can be with QR codes.

For more on all of Target’s exciting holiday news, go to Target.com.

So what are our top picks from Targets Top 20 Toys?

Well, for Denise’s boys it’s all about the Hasbro Spider Man Dual Action Web Shooter that actually shoots a special web fluid. Her 4 year old thinks he is a superhero. And ironically her almost 8-year-old asked for a flying helicopter this morning so it was great practice to use the Spin Master and of course his ultimate favorite, The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster. Denise’s son has also asked for a hoverboard, so she’s been trying to find hoverboards that cost less than $100. I think shes’s managed to find one so her son is going to be super excited on Christmas day!

Melissa’s children are 10, 7 and 3 and the variety of selection is just perfect as there is something for everyone. Her three year old adored the Easy Bake Oven which was a favorite for mom growing up and she also had a ball playing with The Furby’s and feeding them with the free app that will help translate Furbish too. They are super soft and come in many colors, and of course she wants the pink one. Her middle one loved the Monster High Scary Tales doll that is exclusive only at Target and the Leap Frog Leap Pad2 was a hit with both girls.

And our personal favorites? Well Denise is a mom to 2 boys, but had a blast with the Barbie Fashion Doll where you can take pictures with the embedded camera and then watch them appear on Barbie’s shirt. You can then download the photos into your computer too, it is a classic but updated with technology.

And Melissa loves the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven. Her family is big bakers and it is going to be so special to share this toy with her kiddos now and watch her mini chefs enjoy what she loved doing as a child. It is great to see the classics have a comeback.

Tis The Season to Shop and now Target makes it so much easier with the convenience, value and overall toy selection. Now you don’t have to stress or procrastinate or forget what your children and loved ones want this holiday… because you can keep it all organized with the digital wish list and not break the bank by making Target your one stop shop for everything holiday. Happy Holidays!

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