What’s for Dinner?


Just as we are heading back to school, and back to work we are also struggling with mealtime and snack time. We all just want the best for our kids even though we were raised on Kraft Mac n Cheese and how about Spaghettios, remember those! This Fall we are going for a win-win! Envirokidz granola bars and crispy rice bars are the first organic, gluten-free, peanut-free bars for kids. So they are great snacks for kids with allergies as well as peanut-free schools, and are available in four flavors: chocolate crispy, berry blast crispy rice bars, chocolate chip, and strawberry granola bars. Amazing right!

If you want a further food selection that you can enjoy too (why not, we are kids at heart still), you may want to check out some gluten-free snack bars that you can keep on hand for when they get back from school or after they’ve been playing with their friends, so they feel satiated and full after a day filled with a lot of running, playing, and general childlike wonder at the world.

It is important that we give our kids healthy and nutritious food; that does not mean that you don’t include some variety! In fact, I’m sure you would enjoy making a meal from a different cuisine once in a while for dinner. Maybe some Ramen and Yakitori from an online japanese food store? Or some spicy curries and biriyani from that Indian place that you like. Your kids might actually end up having fun during dinner, because they get to taste different kinds of food. Besides, you can offer up some yummy snacks to them also. There’s no harm in giving them a little bit of indulgence once in a while so they have a healthy attitude towards food. So when you are setting the dining room table with a decorative easy to clean round plastic tablecloth (they will make a mess, you know it) and fun cutlery to amuse your children for dinner time, you can feel happy in the knowledge that you are feeding them nutritious meals but you are also letting them have some fun with what they eat so they don’t feel stuck to one type of food.

As full-time stay-at-home working moms, we not only have to make the kid’s lunch and dinner but our own as well! With Reynold’s new heat & eat containers tonight’s dinner easily becomes tomorrow’s lunch. We really love them because we simply heat it, and eat it! Clean all those messes up after with Wet Ones ®, all you need to do is run it over an easy wipe table cloth. Although we all hate the messes, those messes are making memories our kids will never forget.