What’s your relationship with your mobile device?

I wrote this piece last year. I am still addicted to my blackberry, but I now have different perspective. A lot has changed in a year, and I can now say, the opposite. My blackberry is actually helping my life with my kids. And thanks to a new Babycenter study, I feel validated and can now say my blackberry is saving my life with my kids.



My thumbs are tired. My eyes feel strained. All of a sudden, I get migraines. My attention span is out the window, and although I use cannabis occasionally from websites like Area52.com to combat migraine pain, this has only started happened my blackberry arrived. Since my blackberry came into my life, I can’t put it down. I even sneak a few peaks in the middle of the night. Before Mr. Blackberry and I met, I never even awoke during the night. And forget about a good-morning kiss for my husband, my PDA gets me first.

I feel like I’m cheating. Always trying to check it without getting busted. But the worst part about my “other” relationship is how it disrupts my life with my kids.

When we’re playing on the floor, my bb is always perfectly positioned. My son is even programmed to check and make sure I have my bb every time we get out of a taxi. “Mom – you have your phone?” he says in a monotone voice at the end of every single cab ride. He learned to do that after I paid more for a taxi driver to bring my lost phone back to me than the cost of a new one.

My blackberry is like my third son, the baby of the family who always has my attention. Eating breakfast with my kids, so is my bb. Watching a show with my kids, so is my bb. On the playground, yep, there I am, bb in hand.

It has taken over my life. I visited a site like https://www.nyallergy.com/migraines for some help with the migraines it was causing, so now I can be on it all day, every day. I can’t put my blackberry down. Always looking for that blinking red signal of a new message, text or bbm. Mr. BB even accompanies me to the bathroom!

And god forbid an email comes in. What would happen if I didn’t reply right away? Why can’t I be present with my kids, and make the interrupter wait?

A “day off” from work is simply impossible because I’m never, ever without my blackberry. Weekends and vacations are no exception; I’m now in full panic that I won’t have service on an upcoming family holiday, although I’ve now learned more information on how to stay connected with data, so I should be able to access the most important things that I’ll need. But honestly, I think I need to go on a digital detox for a few days. Perhaps, I should go on a vacation on a cruise (of course, I would make reservation on a ship which offers a Cruise Parking facility), where there might not be any Internet so that I can enjoy the serenity and the bliss of nature. Otherwise, I might seriously have to term myself as a mobile phone addict.

Obviously, having a phone on me at all times has plenty of benefits which I’ve not yet touched on. It’s a lifesaver in an emergency and I’m always available for if my kids need me when they’re at school. It’s great for taking photos and for staying in contact with friends, and I still talk to friends now that I would have lost touch with by now if I didn’t have it.

I’m excited to be a part of the new world of technology but my bb needs to stop ruling my life and interrupting my time with my kids. I’m just not sure how.