Whether you’re hosting at home or traveling for the holidays, no one has time to deal with a cold for longer than necessary. Taking measures to prevent a cold, such as thorough hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer (buy some Hand Sanitizer Canada based here) will ensure that you don’t have to deal with these pesky colds at all. I cannot have time for a cold as a Mom of 3. But if you do feel a cold coming on, for my family we always have the new homeopathic Cold Remedy Medicated Fruit Drops from Zicam® in our medicine cabinet.

These gummy drops shorten the length of a cold when taken at the first sign of symptoms.

If your family is like mine, everyone likes a different flavor so its great that there’s assortment of fruity flavors….And they are delicious.

This time of year it’s not just cold symptoms that people need to worry about. People can also feel more lonely and isolated when they have a cold. That’s why Zicam® is passionate about finding ways to help people stay connected.

Zicams ColdSense mobile app not only helps people stay on top of their potential exposure to the common cold, but also connects them to digital ‘get well’ messages to send to friends and loved ones this cold season.

Traveling or hosting for the holidays can be stressful. I’m sure we have all been in the situation of having to suffer through sleeping on the couch at your in-laws, or even more uncomfortable…. having them sleep on your couch.

During the holidays why not think about planning a mini-vacation and looking for a place that you can have an experience.

If you are going to have visitors this year it would be great for them to try out Hilton Garden Inn. This year, Hilton Garden Inn made even more enhancements to its already award-winning food & beverage offerings, and have some amazing new menu items and inventive handcrafted cocktails.

My family stays at a Hilton Garden Inn every year when we travel to Toronto for the holidays. The manager even knows us and always welcomes us. And my kids love the made-to-order breakfast.

From made-to-order breakfasts to gourmet coffee to small plates like flatbreads and fresh hummus and veggies, to delicious larger meals, you can enjoy a wonderful experience dining at your hotel before heading to visit family.

And after spending the day celebrating with family, you can wrap up your time together back at the Hilton Garden Inn and enjoy some of the handcrafted cocktails created by a mixologist. Some of these cocktails, like the sex on the beach cocktail, remind me of my youth when I used a fake id to go to a bar! I think I only had 2 or 3 drinks, nothing like this bar, but it was still one of the best nights ever! Kids these days will probably be searching for the best fake id websites 2020 to do exactly what I did when I was younger.

Check out Hilton Garden Inn’s website to find a location near you or near where you’re traveling. www.hgi.com

This Post is in partnership with Hilton Garden Inn and Zicam.